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Park Travel

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Telephone: +27 12 / 343 4923
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812 Park Street, Arcadia, Gauteng,
P O Box 9, Pretoria, 0001
South Africa
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The Pretoria National Botanical Garden is one of South Africa’s nine National Botanical Gardens. The 76 hectare garden was established in 1946 and is a treasure chest of South African flowering plant species and trees.

A 35 m high quartzite outcrop divides the Garden into two sections which present two different worlds to visitors.

One side contains a wetland, cycad garden, succulent garden, useful pants garden, medicinal garden and enabling garden.

The other side is less developed and contains natural grassland as well as an arboretum.

There is a paved walking trail along the central ridge which offers visitors access to the fascinating natural vegetation on the ridge which boasts a diversity of indigenous fauna and flora.

There is an abundance of bird species as well as reptiles and visitors may even spot a diminutive grey duiker or a dassie (African rodent-like rock rabbit).

The Garden has a visitor’s centre, gift shop, restaurant and tea garden.