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812 Park Street, Arcadia, Gauteng,
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South Africa
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Interesting facts

There are so many reasons to feel good about South Africa with our diverse culture and home-grown hospitality.

As South Africans we take pride in our country and are ready to welcome you to our rainbow nation!


Plant and Animal Life - South Africa is home to the following :

  • The largest bird – Ostrich
  • The largest land mammal – Elephant
  • The tallest creature – Giraffe
  • The largest reptile – Leatherback Turtle
  • The largest fish – Whale Shark
  • The heaviest flying bird – Khori Bustard
  • The largest antelope – Eland
  • The fastest land mammal – Cheetah
  • The smallest mammal – Least Dwarf Shrew



  • Table Mountain in Cape Town is believed to be one of the oldest mountains in the world
  • South Africa is the second largest exporter of fruit in the world
  • The Kruger National Park supports the greatest variety of wildlife species on the African continent
  • The Lost City Resort Hotel at Sun City is the largest theme resort hotel in the world
  • South Africa is the world’s leader in mining and minerals
  • The largest cut diamond in the world, Cullinan 1, was found in 1905 at the Premier Diamond Mining Company in Cullinan, east of Pretoria
  • There are approximately 280 000 windmills on farms across South Africa – second in number to Australia
  • South Africa boasts the only street in the world to have housed two Nobel Peace prize winners – namely Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  • South Africa is home to the second highest waterfall in the world known as the Tugela Falls which are 850m. The highest being the Angel Falls in Venezuela at 979m


South Africa offers eight World Heritage Sites:

  • Robben Island – 7km off the coast of Cape Town the oval shaped island is where Nelson Mandela and many other political prisoners were imprisoned during apartheid
  • Fossil Hominid sites of Sterkfontein, Swartkrand and Kromdraai where a specimen of the species Auatralopitheticus Africanus known as the Taung Skull was found. It is an area with rich traces of human occupation and evolution dating back some 3.3 million years
  • iSimangaliso Wetland Park (formerly known as the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park) comprises beaches, coral reefs, lakes, wetalnds, swamps, woodlands, coastal forests, grasslands as well as an astounding diversity of marine, animal and birds
  • Ukhahlamba/Drakensberg Park – This 243 000 ha protects a high level of endemic and globally threatened species especially birds and plants with an average dwelling altitude of 3000m
  • Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape – this expansive savannah landscape contains evidence of an important  political and social development dating back to the 14th century where the Mapungubwe settlers traded gold and  ivory with China, India and Egypt
  • Cape Floral Region Protected Areas – this region contains nearly a fifth of the continent’s flora even though it covers less than 0.5% of the geographical area of Africa
  • Fredefort Dome – the oldest meteor scar in the world dates back 2 023 million years and is the oldest astrobleme  yet found on earth
  • The Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape – This 160 000 ha landscape is a striking mountainous desert in north-western South Africa



  • Dr Christiaan Barnard at Groote Schuur Hospital performed the first human heart transplant in the world in 1967
  • South Africa has the most luxurious train in the world – The Rovos Rail



  • South Africa is the first country in Africa to host the FIFA World Cup - in 2010



  • South Africa has the second highest number of official languages in the World - 11 -  with India in first place with 22 


We look forward to welcoming you to our Beautiful Country!