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Park Travel

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Telephone: +27 12 / 343 4923
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812 Park Street, Arcadia, Gauteng,
P O Box 9, Pretoria, 0001
South Africa
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The National Zoological Gardens, or Pretoria Zoo, was built in 1899 and is the largest Zoo in South Africa and the only one in our country with national status.

It is situated on 85 hectares of land and houses over 3000 species including various mammal, fish and bird species. There is also an aquarium and a reptile park.

The Zoo is renowned for it’s successful breeding programmes and is a well -respected research facility, also playing an important role in the conservation of endangered species.

There are approximately 6km of footpaths that allow visitors to stroll through the Zoo- golf carts and children’s prams can be hired.

There is a cable car that takes visitors to the top of a hill which offers a picturesque view not only of the Zoo, but also Pretoria.

There are restaurants, a cafeteria, kiosks, children’s fun rides, numerous picnic spots, as well as a craft market outside.

Widely regarded as one of the top Zoos in the world, and hosting over 600 000 visitors per annum, the Pretoria Zoo is a must-see for visitors to our City.