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South Africa
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Travel Safe and Smart

The best way to travel is to plan ahead – your trip will ultimately be easier, safer and more enjoyable!


Check whether your passport is still valid and if there are any visa requirements.
Always confirm flights including onward connections and returns.

You need to take the usual sensible precautions when visiting any country and follow some basic rules:

General safety tips

  • Always take responsibility for your personal safety and be aware of the security situation in the areas or the towns you wish to visit.
  • Before leaving any destination check your bags to make sure that you are not carrying any banned items or substance. Do not agree to carry any items for a stranger.
  • Travellers frequently carry items that may be of interest to others – do not leave items such as laptops, wallets, cell phones or other technical equipment unattended, even at airport security checkpoints.
  • Distractions are frequently used to divert the attention of the owner.
  • Know exactly where you are going before setting off and stick to maps that have been issued by a reliable source. Check if these areas are safe to visit by talking to hotel staff.
  • Do not visit areas which are not recommended for tourists.
  • Avoid wearing flashy jewellery or watches when out walking anywhere.
  • Do not hitch hike or stop to pick up a hitch hiker (even if they seemingly in trouble).
  • Do not walk alone in unsafe areas – particularly at night. This not only applies in the city but also on stretches of beaches, river banks, forests or countryside.
  • When travelling keep doors locked and disregard any stranger who tries to confront you when stopped at a stop street or red traffic light.
  • Do not leave any valuables visible in a car – place everything in the trunk.
  • Beware of pickpockets and other confidence tricksters on the streets or crowded areas.
  • Leave cameras concealed until they need to be used.

Hotel safety

  • Never leave luggage or other possessions unattended. Store valuables in the safety deposit box found either in your room or at reception. Keep hotel room door locked and only open if you are certain who is on the other side.

Money/Mobile phones

  • Limit the amount of money you carry on yourself and keep wallets and mobile phones where they are not visible or unattended.
  • Do not carry all your cash and credit card/s in one place – split them between your pocket, bag, purse or wallet in order to have backup available should you be separated from any of these.
  • When using an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) practise the generally accepted safety precautions you would when at home – never accept any assistance from a stranger. If the ATM withholds your card immediately call the helpline number that will be visible at the ATM.
  • When using a credit card to pay in a restaurant always request the waitron to bring the portable credit card machine to your table.
    In case of emergencies
  • Dial 10111 from a landline and explain the situation to the South African Police.
  • If you are using a mobile phone dial 112 and your call will be transferred to the appropriate emergency service.
  • If you are in your hotel room contact the emergency number/s provided in your room, or the front desk.
  • Carry emergency numbers to contact should the need arise.
  • Make certified copies of all your travel documents and either carry a copy or scan and mail to yourself in case of an emergency or if any of your documents are lost or stolen. Keep the originals in a safe place. If you lose your passport report the matter immediately to the South African Police Services as well as to your country’s embassy or consulate in South Africa.
  • Always have detail of your travel and health insurance.
  • You should also have with you the phone numbers of your credit card companies as well as the number of the embassy of which you are holding a passport from for the country/ies that you are visiting. Should you lose any documents, this will facilitate their replacement.


  • If visitors to South Africa are taking any scheduled medication you will be allowed to bring in one month’s supply for your personal use. If you are staying longer then you will be required to bring an additional script where you will have to get additional supply at a local pharmacy. It is also a good idea to obtain a letter from your medical practitioner confirming your medication. Preferably carry medication in the original labelled containers and in your hand baggage in the event your suitcase goes missing for any length of time.


  • When visiting any of our Wildlife Reserves or Parks please be aware of all the rules pertaining to your safety whilst there. Boards will be displayed depicting what is/not allowed – make sure to adhere strictly to these rules!
  • Never alight from your car and approach an animal directly, never open your window and only stay in designated rest camps.
  • Avoid open windows, loud noises, loud music, shouting and pointing or hanging out of a window.
  • Respect the speed limits as laid down in the Reserves and if an animal walks in front of your car stop and remain silent and let them cross the road.
  • Please remember that these are wild animals and you are a guest in their territory!

We wish you a splendid trip whilst visiting our beautiful country!