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812 Park Street, Arcadia, Gauteng,
P O Box 9, Pretoria, 0001
South Africa
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The uniquely majestic Voortrekker Monument is situated on a hilltop in a national nature reserve in Pretoria and commemorates the Pioneer history of South Africa, in particular the Afrikaans Voortrekkers and their journey north between 1835 and 1854 which is known as The Great Trek.

The monument is made of granite and was constructed in 1937. It is 40 metres high with a base of 40m X 40m.

The two main points of interest inside the building are the Cenotaph and the Historical Frieze.

The Cenotaph is the central focus of the Monument and is decorated with flags, tapestries as well as display cases housing artefacts from the Great Trek. In addition to being viewed from the Hall of Heroes it can also be seen from the dome at the top of the building. Every year at twelve o’clock on 16 December a ray of light shines through an opening in the dome and falls on the centre of the Cenotaph striking on the words “Ons vir Jou Suid-Afrika” (which is Afrikaans for “We for Thee, South Africa”). This ray of light is said to symbolise God’s blessing on the lives and endeavours of the Voortrekkers and occurs on the date of the famous Battle of Blood River.

The massive space in the domed Hall of Heroes contains the unique marble Historical Frieze which is the biggest marble frieze in the world. It consists of 27 panels which depict the history of the Great Trek – making reference to the everyday life, work methods as well as religious beliefs of the Voortrekkers.

There is a gift shop where gifts, souvenirs and decorative items can be purchased.